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Located in Chicago, IL, ERP Software Services™ was launched in February 2010 by Franck Guillet, a senior ERP and EDI consultant with 19 years of experience providing quality business software services.

In the short existence of the company, ERP Software Services has secured multiple customer contracts to maintain and develop their ERP and EDI systems. ERP Software Services is also an Infor® subcontractor assisting Infor® customers in upgrading to ERP LX®.





Franck Guillet's involvement with ERP began in 1996 as an R&D and support consultant for System Software Associates, Inc®. As he became increasingly familiar with Electronic Commerce, EDI and the iSeries, he joined the Professional Services team to participate in projects implementing ECM, EDI and interfacing third party applications with BPCS®/ERP LX® at major customer sites.

ERP Software Services specializes in implementing EDI-centric applications of BPCS®/ERP LX® and integrating 3PL applications with BPCS®/ERP LX®  to process EDI or non-EDI data.


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